Chief Executive Officer, Evil Geniuses

As the CEO of global esports organization Evil Geniuses (EG), Nicole LaPointe Jameson heads up a legacy sports brand that has helped to define the modern era of competitive gaming and continues to break boundaries today. Overseeing strategy and operations around EG’s competitive sports, streaming and entertainment, and merchandise as well as masterminding expansion into new business sectors, LaPointe Jameson leads a team across Seattle and LA focused on making sure one of the most successful brands in gaming remains as competitive and fan-focused as ever.


Founded in 1999, EG has since expanded to encompass over 27 professional players, streamers and influencers spanning 10 distinct games. Under LaPointe Jameson’s leadership, EG has undergone a major brand relaunch and made winning debuts in multiple competitive esports, including a franchise slot in the League Championship Series (LCS), the third most popular overall sport between 18-34 year olds in North America. Additionally, LaPointe Jameson has personally championed major commitments to increasing diversity and representation in the gaming space, working with content creators, competitors and collaborators who reflect the multi-faceted audience they represent.


A statistics graduate of Columbia University, LaPointe Jameson draws from her analytical background to make calculated decisions on business operations and strategic opportunities on behalf of EG. As an associate at PEAK6 Investments, she drove the due diligence assessment prior to the acquisition of EG and ultimately stepping in to lead its revitalization as CEO. With experience in capital allocation through private equity and portfolio company operations, twinned with a deep understanding and affinity for the digital and gaming audiences, LaPointe Jameson brings the worlds of esports and business operations together.


A native of Connecticut and currently splitting time between Seattle and LA, LaPointe Jameson is a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree and a member of the Advisory Board of the Esports Business Summit. 

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N. LAPOINTE CEO of Evil Geniuses
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