Jennifer JUST

Jennifer JUST

Co-Founder at PEAK6 Investments LP and founder of Poker Powher

Jenny Just is co-founder and managing partner of PEAK6 Investments and Chairwoman of Apex Fintech Solutions.  She co-founded PEAK6 in 1997 with $1.5M in seed capital as a proprietary options trading firm (PEAK6 Capital Management). Since that time, Jenny has led the growth of the firm into a multibillion-dollar financial services and technology firm that hasn’t had a losing year — and an average annual return of 58%.   

While trading gave PEAK6 its start and still powers the center, Jenny and her co-founder have created, turned around or invested in more than 100 companies over the past two decades from options trading and clearing firms to professional sports teams and consumer products.  Jenny looks for underfunded and undervalued opportunities with the potential to transform the future.  PEAK6’s core brands include PEAK6 Capital Management, Apex Fintech Solutions, National Flood Services and Evil Geniuses. 

Jenny is also passionate and spends a great deal of her time helping women advance their careers — not through the traditional methods, but in her signature style of shattering status quo.  Jenny is applying the same skills that have driven her success as an entrepreneur in order to amplify women’s voices through their knowledge and allocation of money.  Early last year, Jenny launched Poker Powher, a woman-led company that teaches poker to all who identify as female.  Additionally, Jenny has created programs to help women advance their careers in trading, fintech, and technology.  


Talk list sessions
17:25 - 18:10 Session 19: Women Entrepreneurship
J. JUST (Co-)Founder at PEAK6 Investments LP & Poker Powher
N. LAPOINTE CEO of Evil Geniuses
E. LYDON Managing Director of Poker Powher
Role : Speaker

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